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tomoyoshi date "human being"
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human being


tomoyoshi date "human being"
01: a daily conversation between strings and a finger's stomach  
02: sunnyside suns and sands
03: a supermarket in the woods
04: a water's game in the limestone cave
05: two songs floating inside and in front of Mark's apartment
6 tracks / total time: 42'13"

Tomoyoshi Date (also known as 1/2 of Opitope) finally drops his long-awaited 1st full album "Human Being" - A treasurous acoustic-electronic music full of rich imagination and nostalgia.
The album consists of 6 splendid tracks using live field recorded instruments such as ukulele, piano, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, harmonica and the accordions etc. among children's voices and the atmosphere of the environment which reveals perceptive and delicate perspective of the artist. The melodies are miraculously beautiful and touching and the overall texture is warm just like the album title "Human Being" - songs in praise of the mankind. These fresh imaginary tracks could be referred to the compositions of Eric Satie and Debussy, sinking into your memories and emotions peace and quietly.
An evergreen album dedicated to all human beings.

photo of tomoyuki date
tomoyoshi date biography
Born and raised in San Paulo, Brazil until the age of three. Currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. He creates acoustic and organic sounds with a little touch of digital processing, very original minimal music like a combination of the warmness of Brazil and the delicateness of Japan. After his influences from rock, jazz and post-rock music, he starts to create electronic music from 1998. Soon, his tracks were introduced on the Fat cat, Mille Plateaux website and radio stations in the US. In 2003, he forms the group Opitope with Chihei Hatakeyama (Kranky) and have released their highly acclaimed 1st album "Hau" (2007) on the Japanese label Spekk. Tomoyoshi also organizes the label Kualauk Table. He's profession is an ER doctor and also researches the relationship between sound and the physical body at graduate school.

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