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flycd 09
Luis Nanook "Place"
tomoyoshi date "human being"
trico! "everyday trip"
miho folio "bragile"
Masayasu Tzboguchi Trio "Radio - Acoustique"
trico "love home"
kazumasa hashimoto "epitaph"
mas "turn"
dill "wyhiwyg"
omb "oral / method"
hidenobu ito "first love"
v.a. "out"
Radio - Acoustique
new Masayasu Tzboguchi Trio "Radio - Acoustique"
01: Jigzoo Ballad
Written, Rearranged and Mixed by Masayasu Tzboguchi
02: Fujii Drive
Written by Masayasu Tzboguchi / Rearranged and Mixed by Dill
03: Radio Africa
Written, Rearranged and Mixed by Masayasu Tzboguchi
04: Loop Silent Radio
Quartett (zensuriert)-Mix / Written by Masayasu Tzboguchi / Rearranged and Mixed by Jan Jelinek / at G. Guillaume Studio, Berlin 2005
05: Oxidation
Written, Re arranged and Mixed by Masayasu Tzboguchi
06: Bleu Arbre
Written by Masayasu Tzboguchi / Rearranged and Mixed by AOKI takamasa
07: Cell Division
Written, Rearranged and Mixed by Masayasu Tzboguchi
08: Cats close to Rasta
Written by Masayasu Tzboguchi / Rearranged and Mixed by Pardon Kimura
09: Poly Rhythm Change
Written, Rearranged and Mixed by Masayasu Tzboguchi
10: Sprout
Written by Masayasu Tzboguchi / Rearranged and Mixed by Sora
10 tracks / total time: 53'08"

All original tracks played by Masayasu Tzboguchi Trio
Masayasu Tzboguchi: Piano, Effect
Masaaki Kikuchi: Acoustic Bass, Effect
Nobuo Fujii: Drums
Recorded by Naoki Hayami at Wang Gang Rec Labs, Tokyo Sep. 15 2005.

Additional Players
Izumi Misawa: Vibraphone
Masayasu Tzboguchi: Marimba, Guitar, Melodica, Vocoder, Modular Synthesizer
at Studio Freez, 2005 - 2006

Produced by Masayasu Tzboguchi
Mastered by Masayo Takise (M's disk mastering)
Cover by Atsuo Negishi

Pianist & Composer, Masayasu Tzboguchi (from Tokyo Zawinul Bach, DATE COURSE PENTAGON ROYAL GARDEN) drops a new album showing new directions of acoustic/electronic Jazz. This is his first album in this kind of project where various elements such as afro funk, electronica, reggae and avant-garde mixes into the jazz based sound. Indeed the birth of cool & thrilling music.

This is a "reconstruction" album using original performance of the trio; Masayasu Tzboguchi (Piano), Masaaki Kikuchi (AC. Bass), Nobuo Fujii (Drums) . These 10 tracks were made under a concept to deconstruct the original materials from this performance and build them up again in a contemporary method/perspective.
The organic combination of the electronic effects with their performances of mellow ballad, rhythmic afro funk, freeform session, poly-swing track (3 people playing in 3 different tempos) resulted to something original showing new directions of his works that would expand the definition of jazz.

In this album, you could also hear collaboration works with other foreign/domestic artists within the same concept - Jan Jelinek, AOKI takamasa, Sora, DIll and Pardon Kimura rearranges and recomposes their original materials.

photo of Masayasu Tzboguchi
photo of Masaaki Kikuchi
photo of Nobuo Fujii
In 2001, Masayasu invites the veteran drummer Nobuo Fujii and forms the "Masayazu Tszboguchi Acoustic Trio". Later on, bassist Masaaki Kikuchi known as "Tobi-Atama" and "Masaaki Kikuch SLASHTRIO" joins the group and becomes the now present Masayasu Tzboguch Trio. As a trio, they regularly play at "Roppongi Alfie", "Shinjuku PIT INN" etc. and also have toured twice in Japan. They have also participated in Naruyoshi Kikuchi's jazz album "Degustation A Jazz" and "Nanbei no Elizabeth Taylor" and also took part in his Quintet Live Dub band.
The leader of this trio Masayasu Tszboguchi has released 6 albums so far under the name
"Tokyo Zawinul Bach" which is a computer-based collage funk group.
He is also the member of Naruyoshi Kikuchi's clustered-funk band "DATE COURSE PENTAGON ROYAL GARDEN" and also activates as solo and has released a studio album recorded in NY "Vigorous" (ewe Inc.) in July 2005 and the sequel album "Andrograffiti" in January 2006. A very active musician you could say.
The drummer Nobuo Fujii is one of rare musician who can express the 60's & 70's jazz sound &
feeling. Masaaki Kikuchi also has an original sense as a bassist and has a profound knowledge
of contemporary classical music as well as jazz music.
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