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flycd 10
Luis Nanook "Place"
tomoyoshi date "human being"
trico! "everyday trip"
miho folio "bragile"
Masayasu Tzboguchi Trio "Radio - Acoustique"
trico "love home"
kazumasa hashimoto "epitaph"
mas "turn"
dill "wyhiwyg"
omb "oral / method"
hidenobu ito "first love"
v.a. "out"
new miho folio "bragile"
01: Bay Open
02: Module-Two
03: B3 of Bang
04: Kaure
05: Disanr
06: Maaro
07: Boy&Age
08: Minute Now
09: Piamo
10: You Dot
11: One
12: Mistakes
13: Rtinu
14: Tesm
The subtle electronics embraces the Brazilian and Jazz flavored tunes and the rich colorful phrases brings out the moderate and calm atmosphere..
14 tracks / total time: 47'44"
composed by toshihiro horio
mastered by zengyo
cover illustration by Hiro Kurata

miho folio is a solo project by Toshihiro Horio who roots his musical inspiration from various pop music, Brazilian and Jazz music such as Eric Dolphy and Joan Gilberto."Bragile" is his debut album - a snapshot of those various roots music blending together.

The layers of hip hop flavored cut-up phrases forms an impressive harmony and the simple melodies are singing the positive feeling gently. The electronics flows to a tender and deep atmosphere and arouses the shimmering beautiful ambient-scape.

"Bragile" is full of pop essences - unexpected developments, comfortable chords, lyrical melody senses, uplifting rhythm patterns etc and the more you listen, the more you will get captured by the music. And then, you will find yourself elevating moderately to the colorful tones.

photo of miho folio
25 years old, born in Aichi and now resides in Hiroshima prefecture. He got into music production during his college days in Kyoto and started to make music on computers. He was influenced by Bossa Nova, Jazz and Classical music and weaves these elements equally into a song by using the sampling, editing methods.

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