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flycd 11
Luis Nanook "Place"
tomoyoshi date "human being"
trico! "everyday trip"
miho folio "bragile"
Masayasu Tzboguchi Trio "Radio - Acoustique"
trico "love home"
kazumasa hashimoto "epitaph"
mas "turn"
dill "wyhiwyg"
omb "oral / method"
hidenobu ito "first love"
v.a. "out"
everyday trip


new trico! "everyday trip"
01: an old door  
02: on a bright day
03: everything goes well  
04: calendar
05: the town in the east  
06: count it on my fingers  
07: i put it away in my mind
08: the hill with views of the morning and evening glow  
09: greeting
10: listen closely to her sounds
11: with a map from memory
12: beautiful green  
13: the trip still goes on?  
13 tracks / total time: 43'17"

This is the cheerful 2nd album by Trico!. Entitled "Everyday trip", this pretty much explains the concept of this wonderful album. There are moments where you feel pleasure in your ordinary life, like feeling your heart moving, your views getting wider.. and this album is based on these little journeys of daily life. She decorates her usual landscapes with tender colors by the acoustic and organic tones of accordion and organs, soft electronic sounds and field recording noises, cute melodies of toy piano and melodions and funny tones of the prepared piano. All together makes peaceful harmony full of tiny discoveries and a huge joy. Featured guest artists on this album includes, Hauschka (FAT CAT), Masayuki Ishii (aka TICA), Tomo Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Funato aka (Fuchigamitofunato), Keiichi Sugimoto (Filfla/Four color) etc.
Enhanced CD album, including video clip of the 2nd track of the album.

photo of trico!
trico! biography
Trico! is a Japanese female artist from Tokyo, Japan. She releases her 1st album "Love home" on Flyrec in 2005 which received wide attention for her sentimentally beautiful soundscapes.
When she performs live, she creates an unique atmosphere of her own by manipulating and mixing various rather retro instruments such as accordion, toy piano and toy organ real time with field recordings and electronic sounds.
Under the alias Rie Yoshihara, she makes music for TV commercials and also participates as an instrumentalist for many artists in their recordings and shows. She also plays in the group Small Color with guitarist Yusuke Onishi.
Besides her musical activities, her interest ranges from retro instruments/toys/architecture and toy cameras to everyday cooking, flowers and herb, traveling and many more.

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