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flycd 13
Luis Nanook "Place"
tomoyoshi date "human being"
trico! "everyday trip"
miho folio "bragile"
Masayasu Tzboguchi Trio "Radio - Acoustique"
trico "love home"
kazumasa hashimoto "epitaph"
mas "turn"
dill "wyhiwyg"
omb "oral / method"
hidenobu ito "first love"
v.a. "out"


new Luis Nanook "Place"
01: Six sounds for introduction  
02: A brand new day
03: Kanui
04: A illusory station  
05: Seeds  
06: Flowers
07: Sun  
08: Luis
09: Out of field
10: L  
10 tracks / total time: 46'37"

Luis means "Light" in Armenian and Nanook is "white bear" in Inuit. Luis Nanook is a duo comprised of Tsutomu Satachi (vocal / acoustic guitar) who is a singer songwriter gifted with his angelic voice and Chihei Hatakeyama (Sound Processing / Electric Guitar) who is known for his beautiful releases on worldwide labels such as Kranky (US).
The album reminds us of the magnificent and silent landscape of Siberia with the taste of 60~70's folk sounds. After extensive experiments and trials, they have succeeded in packaging the utmost of their character which sounds truly deep and diverse immersing the audiences into an one and only experience.
The nostalgic echos of the acoustic guitar and myriads of tiny and colorful electronic ambience makes a beautiful contrast with Tsutomu's husky and tender voice brining up heartfelt moments.
What makes Luis Nanook so fascinating is their simplicity in the structure focusing on the vocals with limited instruments yet leaving us with variety of impressions. And this album just goes on quietly like one piece of a tale. The birth of the newest 2010 folk sound.

photo of tomoyuki date
Luis Nanook biography

Tsutomu Satachi

Born 1978 in Miyagi, Japan. Creates fragile and touching music by his whispering voice and acoustic guitars. Releases his 1st album "Nagi no heichi" on Airplane label in 2005. He is know based in Tokyo taking part in various musical projects including Luis Nanook.

Chihei Hatakeyama

Born 1978 in Kanagawa, Japan. Aside of his activities under his given name, he is also one half of the electro-acoustic duo Opitope. Releases his 1st album "Minima Moralia" on Kranky label in 2006. Hatakeyama polychromes memory-evoking soundscapes with various recorded materials of electric and acoustic instruments.

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